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Chancey of the Maury River
by Gigi Amateau - Candlewick Press
This story for the older child is the tale of an orphaned albino Appaloosa who was born under a “fire star” who overcomes years of hardship to change the lives of two children.

Heartbeat for Horses
by Laura Chester - Willow Creek Press
Heartbeat for Horses is a collection of horse stories and poems, some classic others new, illustrated with beautiful photographs of young “horse crazy” girls. Perfect for pre-teens, the book doesn’t discriminate between the girl who competes her horse regularly or simply rides “for fun.”

Horses of Half Moon Ranch (series)
by Jenny Oldfield - Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
The first four books in this children's book series came out in 2008. In the first book, Wild Horses, we meet our heroine Kirstie Scott, who is trapped alone in Dead Man's Canyon. There she must help a wounded wild stallion and find her way home. In Rodeo Rocky, Kirstie convinced her mother to buy an injured rodeo horse and learns that retraining the horse isn't as easy as she thought it would be. In the third book, Crazy Horse, two of Kirstie's favorite horses are missing and she tries to track them down. Kirstie then defends the reputation of Johnny Mohawk in the fourth book named after the horse accused of bucking off a ranch guest.

Marvel the Marvelous
by Laura Chester - Willow Creek Press
In this second children’s book by Laura Chester, Little Marvel, a magical pink pony, rescues the lost child Lee Rumsey. On their way home, they have a splendid adventure.

Paint the Wind
by Pam Munoz Ryan - Scholastic Press
Maya feels like a captive under her Grandmother’s rules. Artemisia, a wild mustang must fight to protect her new foal. Within the pages of this book, readers find out how the two lives become intertwined and how they ultimately save each other.

Take a Good Look Around
by Jim Wofford - Hamilton Books
This is not another Jimmy Wofford book on training horses. It’s better than that and even more entertaining! Take A Look Around is an autobiography about Wofford’s life experiences and all of his favorite people, places, animals and things.

The British Horse Society Riding Manual
by Margaret Linington-Payne - Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.
Equivalent to the U.S. Pony Club manuals, this British version may not be as detailed but is much easier to read. This book, geared to the complete beginner, takes you step by step through finding the right barn and instructor to learning how to jump and basic care of the horse. Complete with fabulous photos, the book is a great edition to any rider’s library.

The Kentucky Thoroughbred
by Kent Hollingsworth - The University Press of Kentucky
Editor of The Blood-Horse, Kent Hollingsworth discusses the history of the Thoroughbred in Kentucky and gives his opinion on the most influential to racing stallions and their horseman.

The New Ride With Your Mind Clinic
by Mary Wanless - Trafalgar Square Books
In this third book by British trainer May Wanless, students of a variety of levels and ability demonstrate common riding position problems while Wanless explains how these problems affect the horse’s way of going. She then gives practical advice on exercises on and off the horse to fix these positional flaws.

The Things I Think Matter Most
by John Strassburger - Trafford Press
John Strassburger, member of The Chronicle of The Horse for 24 years and editor for 20, puts his top 75 favorite self-written commentaries into one book and then discusses how well, or not well they were written.

The Ultimate Horse Lover
by Marty Becker - Health Communications, Inc.
Another “experts” advice on how to own a happy healthy horse; this time through the use of real-life stories and pictures.

To Find the books and DVDs in our 2008 Library list, visit these publishing houses:

Art Horse Press
Ex Arte Equinus

Barron's Educational Series, Inc.
The Bristish Horse Society Riding Manual

Blood Horse Publications
Horses of the Storm

Candlewick Press
Chancey of the Maury River

Clarkson Potter Publishers
Equestrian Style: Home Design, Couture, and Collections from the Eclectic to the Elegant

Eclipse Press
Best of the Widener Collection
Olympic Equestrian - A Century of International Horse Sports
Tales from the Triple Crown

Galileo Books
Finding My Distance

Half Halt Press
Making Magic

Hamilton Books
Take a Good Look Around

Health Communications, Inc.
The Ultimate Horse Lover

Humane Society Press
Complete Guide to Horse Care

Muffin Dog Press
Beginning English Rider's Companion

Practical Horseman
Cross Country Clinic (DVD)

The Russell Meerdink Company, LTD
Great Breeders and Their Methods

Scholastic Press
Paint the Wind

Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Horses of Half Moon Ranch series
Mary and Joe in the Movies

Storey Publishing
Braiding Manes and Tails

Taylor Trade Publishing
Renegade Champion

Trafalgar Square Books
Beyond the Track
The New Ride With Your MInd Clinic

Trafford Press
The Things I think Matter Most

The University Press of Kentucky
The Kentucky Thoroughbred

Voyageur Press
Horse Breeds

The Wild Rose Press
No Second Chance

Wildside Press, LLC
Chesapeake Crimes 3

Willow Creek Press
Heartbeat for Horses
Marvel the Marvelous

Workman Publishing Company




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